-Einfluss Archiv Pt 8 [June 2015]

-Ein bitterer offenbarung,  gesalzene wunden mitten im auge des sturms. Q2 2015 Pt 3/3(Archive).

Video by Youtube user: RioDeLaNorte Artist: Kreuzweg Ost – Edelrost.

Schmiede Photonen Kuß auf die Krone von dieser Welt. Eine goldene Sonnensturm von sich windenden Plasma durch die Kernenergie hervorgebracht.

Ein Herold auf Morgen.

In einem Smaragd Farbton Wälder Falle Licht innerhalb eines Grünspan Schleier gefiltert. Reiche schwarze Erde mit der Zeit weicht lagerten Felsen ebenso fallen Blätter Bronze mit dem Alter.

Ein Herold des Mittags.

In einem Farbton von Sapphir gefiltert unserer Meere ertrinken Licht. Vom tosenden lebendige Meere an den schwärzesten Abgrund Bewachung der unbekannt.

Ein Herold zu Abend.

Wir nähern uns der Welt der Mittagszeit mit dem Morgen hinter uns. Derzeit kämpfen wir mit positiven Übergang, viele fliehen Erbe und Kultur, wie wir mit gesenktem Kopf eine steril Zukunft.

Wir sind Aufsehers dieser Welt für die Reinheit unserer natürlichen Umwelt;  Flora,  Fauna,  Ozeane und Waldflächen auf die sehr Integrität der nationalen Kultur.

Doch unsere wahre Bestimmung liegt unter den Sternen. Dies bleibt ein Traum, bis wir umgekehrt die Verschlechterung, die unsere Welt heimsucht.

Am Abend Welt, gehen wir zu den Sternen Promethean.

Die entfernten Sternsystemen funkeln im Ton der Diamanten, Brillanz in einen riesigen Teppich aus schwarzem Stoff verwoben.

– Ein Mantel der Macht.

Edelrost – Patina: Derivative of the Greek word for “skin”. Patina is most commonly attributed to a type of corrosion for example the chemical reaction of cupric metals to atmospheric elements. We commonly observe this as greening on Copper a.k.a Verdigris,  rather than Rust which decays ferrite metals eventually destroying iron due to oxidation,  a Patina contributes to the strength and signature characteristics of said metal over time.

A Patina protects copper and bronze,  whilst it’s luster is lost it hardens with the passage of time,  much like youth lost to age there is a tradeoff to development.

Zyklon once said she remains to watch the Patina green with time,  a euphemism akin to aged wine or cheese also comparable to individual character building brought on by adversity – growing skin and developing ambition. From my perspective an expression much like tempering steel thus producing tangible art out of said disharmony. Not all communities age so gracefully nor are individuals always strong willed,  only you can determine whether or not it’s influence is caustic or beneficial.

This is relevant as influence into conveying tone,  one being the literal unknown as we rekindle the awe and mysteries of the Kosmos in an era where sterile masses demystify the occult,  the other being less abstract and more literal – North European forests hiding darker secrets as interpreted by EDELROST.

While planning for the emergent future,  sacrifices are required in order to maintain infrastructure.

Even this mid-month posting schedule for July was delayed by two days due to an erratic course of events which unfolded in my life along with the miserable heat. Nonetheless this truly tests one’s resolve a midst circumstances,  adaptive problem solving is pertinent!


–Engineering(Status/Planning Revision):

The main project has been streamlined to: The Reich of the Black Sun.

My developer peers have been inquiring into when I am going to break into mesh creation,  as I am going to have an indefinite amount to time to work on my build I may as well invest a chunk of that time into 3-D Modelling tools and other equipment to bring my creation process up to snuff.

Peers referred to via pseudonym:

**Alaskan King Crab: The proper way to make a normal map is by rendering it over high polygon geometry first.

2-D work limits my production as I do not have access to the high definition 3-D Assets prior to making the faux 3-D Normal map thus results will naturally be weaker as I am limited to just lighting data within pixels. Considering as well I am forced to work from a UV unwrap provided by a third party which is not always the best way to work in regards to flexibility or texture optimization.

Added I cannot produce a texture Atlas without access to a 3-D program or the original base assets with a program like “Substance Designer” at the very least. This predicament also pains me because I love painting,  something which texture programs like “Algorithmic – Substance painter” permit directly onto 3-D models,  even “Pixologic – Z-brush” has native 3-D painting support.

**Fuhrer of Mein Kraft: The proper way to produce Normal maps is via 3-D program,  though you may have more success with B2M(Bitmap2Material) in regards to 2-D application.

Said associate has since been occupied with his mechanical engineering pursuits IRL however is responsible for directing me on the course I am have undertaken for the past 5 months in regards to my 2-D work.

**Fred Phelps Junior: Hey Kain,  when are you going to learn to mesh,  and make some crazy Reich shit?

Said peer has also offered to make my Fjord traversal tram from “Zentrale Bahnhof” to “Das Bierhalle aus Stahl” a reality,  however that was already the general idea since he’s the most competent scripter I know.

**Dutch Firefly: Fuck pre-fabs,  it’s always better to do it yourself,  you seem creative enough and shouldn’t have any problem learning 3-D Modelling,  also fuck Blender.

FLAK GUN 000Just one example of an asset I’d like to see realized for my own projects.


1) Commissions while a viable option however cost quite a bit of money,  especially in the long run. Complex assets take more time to model like the flak gun pictured above. Money potentially invested into 3-D assets can be better spent on hardware,  software,  games,  scripting/rigging/animation/audio commissions,  gourmet food ingredients,  etc. Added commission availability may vary upon whether or not said artist is not already occupied which often means I must wait. Waiting for someone else should never be a viable option.

2) Pre-fabricated Assets a.k.a. Commercial content(Pre-fabs for short) are limited in scope thus lead to compromises which limit my creativity. Producing my own in-house content solves my own technical and aesthetic issues on the fly,  added I can legitimately profess assets to being my own true creations rather than piggy-backing other people’s content via modification,  for instance texture work from the UV Unwrap as I have been doing for the past three plus years.

3) Pre-fabs vary in integrity i.e. physics and LOD. In regards to LOD – level of detail – models with bad LOD tend to crumple or distort at a distance. Also Commercial assets are more often intended for general rather than specific use,  for example solid objects not providing sufficient cover from projectiles,  roadways behaving improperly with vehicle traversal i.e. tanks etc. Therefore Pre-fabs are not ideal for seamless visual immersion nor effective combat practicality.

**With exception for my terrain meshes produced by “FANATIK Architecture” and Pine Trees produced by “Lilith Heart/LAQ Decor” I will be severely limiting pre-fab use on my build,  the terrain meshes I currently use however are intended for combat sims which utilize superb physics hulls.

4) Only a small handful of Secondlife content creators are totally 100% honest about the products they create and sell. I have grown very wary of many established figures within the Secondlife community because many use their fame/popularity as cover for dishonest content practice or worse,  for instance monetary success based upon stolen assets.

I may be a self professed “Arrogant Bastard” and publicly branded “Racist of the Highest Order”(Discrimination of retarded anthropomorphic animal people apparently constitutes as Racism),  however I am not a thief nor do I wish to support thieves.

**While I do know a select few who are open for commissions and also honest about the work they produce,  I avoid this route for every other reason save areas outside of my creative jurisdiction i.e. scripting/animation/rigging/audio.

5) We live in the era of the digital content gold-rush,  there is a strong market for such content if I do decide to monetize some of my creations,  such a venture would help me out considerably!

Producing all of my own creative 3-D assets would solve one large obstacle yet produces several more for me to mitigate over an extended period of time,  mainly software cost out of everything else I need i.e. hardware.

In the coming month, I will also finally plant all of my trees alongside the the terraces and resume build permissions to the general public with a 5 minute auto-return(lest someone decides to nuke the sim again when I’m conversing with friends).

I'm dreading the summer as I do every year, however it remains testament to next quarter's trial of endurance.
I’m dreading the summer as I do every year,  however it remains testament to next quarter’s trial of endurance.

Next quarterly series(Pending end of July into mid August post): “Flüsse aus Feuer und Stahl,  Schmieden eine industrielle Erbe!” As we march head on past the middle closer into end of summer!

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