-Einfluss Archiv Pt 7 [May 2015]

-Ein bitterer offenbarung,  gesalzene wunden mitten im auge des sturms. Q2 2015 Pt 2/3(Archive).

Video by: EndlessSleeper Artist: Kreuzweg Ost – Ein Neuer Krieg.

What we need is a new war!

Yes, Sir. We don’t know deserters.

If you catch him don’t bring him to the military court,  but here,  he’s mine.

Chorus: Left… Left, Right, Left!

Industrie kreativität ist ein gemeinschaftswerk,  errungenschaften eines Reiches sind null und nichtig,  wenn der handwerker legt den hammer.

Das Reich wächst krank mit der entwaffnung der es soldat corps,  schatten fallen wie eine aschewolke,  wenn es wissenschaftler und ingenieure sind nicht mehr in der lage,  einen technologischen vorsprung zu halten.

Alles die vision eines einzigen schöpferischen geht verloren, wenn seine kollegen nichts tun sach. In diesem fall werden sie sich zu einem todesurteil wie anker bis zu den knöcheln eines ertrinkenden gebunden.

Inkompetente leute sind wie anker,  die das leben von der starken untergraben sie und übertönen die brillant.

Manche menschen können wie flammen aus einer gießerei,  kreative feuer schmilzt erz in einer neuen form geweckt.

– In diesem fall begeistern die massen zur revolution.

Doch manche menschen existieren,  um fortschritt und entwicklung,  wie dreck auf zahnräder anzuhalten.

– Diese personen müssen beseitigt werden. Toleranz ist der fluch des Reiches.

– Krieg oder Täuschung?

Ob man behauptet sich auf dem schlachtfeld oder hinter den kulissen spielt keine rolle,  was zählt,  ist das greifbare ergebnis.

–Annexation sector( Featuring Zyklon – The vindictive flame).


Zyklon Pays for the equivalent of a mainland full sim,  the remaining denizens of Moorslough have either one of two choices; Evolve or Die.

Visual Theme: The aesthetic of the past(1940s Dieselpunk — Blitzpunk) infused with technology of the future. In a nutshell the Helghast from the Killzone series with the visual style of Wolfenstein,  less gloss more grit.

Wolfenstein-The-New-Order - A reference to architecture.
Wolfenstein: The New Order – A reference to architecture.


While I am appreciative of complex high technological environments i.e. UAC Mars City(Doom3/4). I am far more fond of the practicality set within cement/steel industrial architecture fused with classical Roman. This allows a considerable amount of detail without having to go overboard with excessively complex industrial technology,  reducing geometry and textures,  streamlining the construction process.

Asides from this I will confirm project by division of parcel. Listed by order of annexation.

[S.Z.H.] Odal - Eagle Eye View July 2015 1 [S.Z.H.] Odal - Eagle Eye View July 2015 2

**Kommand[Central](Adminstrative parcel and home of Zyklon). The only parcel with strict accessibility measures in place,  eventually though the parcel will be quartered off via barbed wire as a high security addition to  Hveðrungr’s Fjord.

**Hveðrungr’s Fjord[Center & SE] A massive pine forest dotted by bunkers most notably an imposing fortress and a monstrous factory-like building perched atop a mountain. All as if intended to keep outsiders at bay,  in fact the mountains are hollow. Man-made structures are little more than industrialized wards to ancient caverns bearing long forgotten secrets known only to certain key members of high Kommand.(Ancient Hyperborean Pre-cursor tech). Below the forest a subterranean network of tunnels extend beneath mountains and connect into a nearby detainment block. From the North fortress to far south docks this parcel will be the real showcase upon completion.

**Zentrale Bahnhof[NW] Situating a central transit station atop a mountain. I have decided to modify the cable-car idea in favor of a solid track system as I do not require the complex articulation of cable lines coupling/spools nor the overhead suspension.(This saves a lot of space and resources).

WOLF-TOB Cable-car destruction REICHS-BAHN REF 13

Aesthetically reminiscent of a dieselpunkish armored trolley car not unlike the cable-car in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood,  on a technical level however will bear more likeness with with the modern German H-Bahn.This eliminates the problems presented by complicated cable-car infrastructure and streamlines the Reichsbahn project for my group.

I am still drafting up extensions to the proposed rail system as I have to consider the logistics of building clearance and terrain.

**Das Bierhalle aus Stähl[SW](There is still some debate between Zyklon and I as to naming of the parcel however it remains “The Beer-hall of Steel” for the time being). Accessible only via boat(Hope you like mountain hiking as footpaths are not currently in place) or sky train(As proposed). A sanctuary from all the imposing militaristic architecture. Situated atop the highest peak in the fjord within the shadow of a trolley platform,  an industrialist beer-hall a midst tall pines.

Don’t be fooled by the placid scenery,  beer halls are historically known as important meeting places. It is planned to have this parcel as the central social hub upon completion.

DEKON INTERIOR 14 DEKON13[Further reference material from Wolfenstein: The New Order.]

**Reich Dekontamination Komplex[NE](Most Recently Annexed.) Currently houses the engineering workshop as the administrative parcel has shrank in outdoor space due to expansion on the outer perimeter battlements. Reich De-Kontamination is planned as an assembly-line esque queue system for quarantined individuals and rooms for in depth examination/triage. One part detainment block and one part medical research facility. Visually a factory-like building which serves as several tiers of personnel processing prior to release into the Reich,  if ever.

**Future Conquests: I have three remaining neighbors within Moorslough,  only time will tell.

As for the near future I’ll revamp the sign in the sky to reflect the full title of my group as well pre-render some concepts for the wall textures in order to move beyond the placeholder asset stage. As to role-play infrastructure and technology leveling that is far into the future from now. Although I am set on commissioning needed assets where applicable,  I’m taking my damn time with the build itself,  there is no e.t.a set in stone which means if you’re waiting for my premiere environment then one is best invested elsewhere in the meantime.

Just prior to my mobo dying on 06/10/15 I was playing the controversial isometric twin-stick shooter “Hatred”. Developed by Destructive Creations an indie game studio hailing from Poland,  Hatred utilizes the Unreal 4 engine and Physx – superb visuals and amazing destruction to the game environment. It is also the first “Adult Only” game to be sold on Steam due to the manner of sadistic violence portrayed.

**Note: My hardware failure is unrelated to Hatred as I have been having issues with my motherboard for several months prior.**

HATRED-Curb-stomp-1 HATRED-Knee-high-in-the-deadHATRED-Slaughtering-pigs-in-their-pen HATRED-Warzone

Naturally Hatred is not a game that will win a lot of mainstream praise,  which shouldn’t be a concern if one actually intends on playing this game.

On the Horizon(if ever  – I’ve stopped caring at this point).

Not at all cost effective, but a worthy investment for long term use befitting a hardy machine.
Not at all cost effective, but a worthy investment for long term use befitting a hardy machine.

1) New Motherboard:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813132505

Due to the hefty price tag,  upgrades/replacements will occur when I have the opportunity to do so. I am sick of making compromises in order to save money.

Solid State Drives are the ideal for running your operating system and frequently accessed programs in the era of 64 bit Win7/8/10.
Solid State Drives are the ideal for running your operating system and frequently accessed programs in the era of 64 bit Win7/8/10.

2) New SSD http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147374

This is the largest variant of the EVO series SSDs to date ideal for running one’s operating system and frequently accessed programs,  my main rig currently runs the 840 EVO series (x2) with RAID 1 array,  in retrospect a mistake for an SSD of that size as the RAID 1 array cuts down my volumes to just 111GB. Furthermore why an OS migration to new SSD with Raid 0 is emphasized.

3) New Desktop External HDD: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822152424

This is self explanatory really,  I make use of external storage devices all of which are smaller and maxed. For example newer raw video files for work of which I have not been able to back up due to sheer size alone.

**These three are absolutely essential for the longevity of a solid productive machine,  I am not even remotely concerned with anything else in terms of my primary work/gaming rig.**

As indicated I won’t be playing anything on the bleeding edge for some time,  hopefully my system will be repaired not longer than Q4 2015 at the most. Even then it shouldn’t take that long(Unless I deem otherwise).

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