-Einfluss Archiv Pt 6 [April 2015]

-Ein bitterer offenbarung,  gesalzene wunden mitten im auge des sturms. Q2 2015 Pt 1/3(Archive).

Durch die silberne Licht des grauen Himmel seufzen wir mit Erleichterung, ein sanftes Streicheln des Windes über die Fläche oder einem weichen sanfte regen nach einem heftigen Sturm.

Eine Gnadenfrist und Erinnerung.

Wir sind Herren der Ernte und Matronen der Morgendämmerung,  ein blühendes Kontinuität der Schöpfung und Zerstörung.

Wir sind wie der rohen Kernenergie die Sonne selbst,  oder die gewaltige Gelassenheit eines supermassiven Schwarzen Loch.

– Chaos.

Wir sind Bibliothekare,  Schriftsteller,  Architekten,  Ingenieure,  Kommandeure,  Handwerker und Künstler.

Adepten, die Elemente in der Mittagstagessonne zu vereinheitlichen, aber alle Ausbeute an den einhüllenden Macht der Nacht.

– Ordnung.

Ein absolutes Dualität in der Existenz.

–Black-Light Engineering/Blitzkrieg Protokolle(Concluded – for the time being at least):

As of 05/01/15 Zyklon secured the Southwest section of Moorslough for the group which meant an early return to engineering for myself.

Eastern half will change to reflect the coming annexation in order to accommodate an extended structural layout.
The Eastern half will change to reflect the coming annexation in order to accommodate an extended structural layout.

Ann-and-Herr Sauber Q2 2015 000

–Administrative Kommand(central),  Hveðrungr’s Fjord(SE),  Zentrale Bahnhof(NW),  Das Bierhalle aus Stähl(SW),  Reich Dekontamination Komplex(To be elaborated upon next post). I’ve been occupied with the build and the assertion of my group within Moorslough.

–Gaming Influences(Cont.):

WolfOldBlood_x64 2015-05-06 08-13-01-29 WolfOldBlood_x64 2015-05-10 20-03-47-15

Wolfenstein: The old Blood, amazing industrial design.
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood,  amazing industrial design.

WolfOldBlood_x64 2015-05-08 04-11-52-54 WolfOldBlood_x64 2015-05-06 12-35-21-25 WolfOldBlood_x64 2015-05-06 14-31-57-79

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Not so great,  I’ll admit it was a short primer to Wolf: T.N.O. however the buildup to climax was not well paced nor was the Occult back story really well fleshed out or interesting, sadly there isn’t an interesting timeline mechanic either as what you do this time around doesn’t feel dynamic. Kessler’s Spielbergian portrayal of the bitter Jew is over the top annoying. I think you can guess I didn’t choose to save him,  not that it matters either way.

To be perfectly honest Wolfenstein: The Old Blood lost momentum after the confrontation with Rudi Jäger(Yes I do feel sympathy for his character – he was beaten by his father yet rose to high station within the SS and loved his dogs),  his personality was more enjoyable in contrast to Helga Von Schabbs which made me disinterested by the conclusion of the game.

Asides from decent game-play and a return to the signature Wolfenstein universe there is not much else,  save zombies.. I’m not sure if that saves this game but it certainly doesn’t ruin it either.

Speaking of zombies..

NZA 2015-05-14 14-04-52-71 NZA2 2015-05-14 12-54-05-06 NZA2 2015-05-14 12-57-36-19 NZA2 2015-05-15 08-32-53-21

Sinister Occult theme check, zombies check whilst Wolfenstein established the original formula NZA executes Nazi zombification far better.
Sinister Occult theme check,  zombies check! Whilst Wolfenstein established the original formula,  NZA executes zombification better to the extent that your enemy feels more threatening.

Translated into the virtual medium(Anna Arsen – Zyklon’s other lovely digital form).

Der-Tod-ist-mein-Gott 002 Der-Tod-ist-mein-Gott 000

Momentum is building up steadily,  see you over the horizon!

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