–Einfluss Archiv Pt 3 [October 2014]

–Einfluss Archiv Pt 3 [October 2014]

Video by Youtube user: Bifferbob451 Film: Død Snø Artist: Wolfnacht.

Unter der Sonne, wir hämmern Stahl, um eine größere Vitalität ums Dasein zu extrahieren.
In der Nacht bilden wir Wünsche in die Realität, unsere Leidenschaft die Schmiede, die Glut wie neue Sterne drauf, Brennen inmitten Schwärze.



The much anticipated sequel to Dead Snow, yes I saw this earlier this month and it did not fail at delivering everything I expected, if not some unexpected surprises! Ooooh you touch my tralala.

–A month for proverbial death.

1) Professional Obligations a.k.a. Work [Part time none the less the hours hammer me,  of course its totally worth it].

2) Black-Light Engineering [On the days I am off from work,  within the set limits of networking or allotted transactions. Unless of course I decide to have a roulette;  hot bath,  cold beer,  music,  food,  a brief gaming mode but more than likely – crash my wrecked body into bed mode.


Featuring homemade Bruschetta. More photos and recipe to come!
Featuring homemade Bruschetta,  in theme for the season.


–Metro 2033 Redux.–

Metro 2033 Redux. Enhanced not only in thye graphics department however features revamped maps and assets.
Metro 2033 Redux. Enhanced not only in the graphics department,  features revamped maps and various assets have been totally replaced for a more consistent Metro experience.

Most bugs briefly mentioned in last month's post were resolved by disabling "Advanced PhysX". The redux is now mostly playable.

–Hveðrungr’s Fjord(primer).

The scenery as of current remains generic however mesh terrain i.e. cliff/mountain walls as well higher fidelity pine trees are planned for our region in the near future.
In die Nacht.
In die Nacht.

However in regards to our presentation,  Black-Light Engineering remains on hold at the moment due to real life time constraints. Construction is expected to resume by December 2014 or New Year 2015,  as we have ambitious plans intended for the region of “Moorslough” both visually and technically(pushing the envelope). Lastly we also plan the total annexation of the sim followed by the sinister otherworldly,  albeit harsh militaristic industrial theme mentioned briefly in September’s post.


Next target primed!
Next target primed,  Nordwesten!

Patience, we have all the time in the world, then we die.
Patience, we have all the time in the world, then we die.

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